Retrochallenge 2017/4 – Interak CF card reader revisited – Part 1

Retrochallenge is well under way now and so it’s time I made a start and got something blogged about. Although my posts here don’t show a lot of activity, I do some work on one or other of my retro systems most weeks throughout the year but Retrochallenge is a good reminder to blog about some of this activity in the hope it may be useful to someone else or help to promote interest in our hobby.

Catching up.

A little while ago I tried to get a CF card adapter to work on my splendid little Interak-1. That didn’t work properly but an email conversation with a friend of mine who also has an Interak suggested that my cables were too long and that I needed to get the CF card as close to the CPU as possible.

So, my first Retrochallenge project this time around is to re-visit that project and try and get it to work.

In the previous attempt I used a CF card adapter intended for the RC2014 (itself a Retrochallenge project). In order to get that to talk to the Interak I needed to make a bus adapter and to do that I modified an Interak prototype board.

As I said  above, the suspicion is that the CF card was too far away from the CPU.

Lets build a Mezzanine.

One way to get really close to the CPU is to slip a PCB between the CPU and its original socket and use this new PCB to link to the CF card adapter. This is the approach I’m using here.

I still want to use the CF adapter for the RC2014 and so I still need to convert from my Z80 CPU to the RC2014 bus. What better way to do that than to use an RC2014 CPU card?

Spencer Owen of RC2014 had a small number of prototype CPU cards in his Tindie store and bought one of those, soldered a wire-wrap socket to it, plugged that into a conventional socket and on into the socket my CPU originally sat in. (This is going on a bit, see the pictures).

Now the Z80 sits on the RC2014 CPU board and the Interak CPU board with the CF adapter over to the side.


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