Retrochallenge 2016/2 – Oh-oh we’re half way there

161003-img_20161003_210244In my last post I started setting up my stall and wrote a simply Arduino sketch to read a character from the Hobbytronics USB keyboard adapter and squirt it to my PC.

My Interak-1 has a 15 way D-type connector for the keyboard as I’ve decided that my keyboard solution will plug into that rather than be buried inside the machine itself.

I have  also decided that the final project will live on an Arduino Pro mini as they are tiny and so the photo above shows the Arduino soldered onto a 15 way D-type plug linked to the USB keyboard PCB.

Cut to the chase.

161003-img_20161003_210058This photo shows things are basically working! Happy Happy Joy Joy etc.

There is some boxing up to be done and some writing up to be do so that if there is another Interak-1 user out there who needs a keyboard, they can see what I’ve done.

It’s not so daft really as plenty of old machines used 7 bit parallel ASCII keyboards and plenty of those will have been lost.

More to follow.


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