Interak 1

160917-img_20160917_101041Back in the day, manufacturers of small computer were legion. There were myriad little companies trying their hand at getting into micros. If you look back through the pages of Electronic Today International, Practical Wireless etc. you will find adverts for these small companies selling their kits, PCB etc.

It was usual in those pre-web days to send off a “Stamped-Addressed-Envelope” (SAE) along with some unused postage stamps and in due course a catalogue would arrive  detailing the product available.

On such company was Greenbank Electronics of Merseyside here in the UK. Their machine was the Interak 1, a Z80 based computer composed of a 19″ rack with a backplane and a collection of cards that could be purchased individually as funds allowed.

Back then there were many companies vying for my money and whilst I got as far as sending off the stamps to Greenbank and getting the Interak catalogue, I got no further.

However, as you can see above, thanks to the generosity of a friend of mine, I now have an Interak1 and I am very happy about it.


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