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Refurbishing the moulds

Making a new top mould.

85ffe21bfadbd70eecb52846a680a80aFirst, I built a frame to hold the plug. Waxed it well and put on two coats of gelcoat in a colour I was unlikely to use for a hull (this makes things easier later)

9919be69f430d92dcdb01d17403cbe98Next the matting goes on. If I remember correctly 6 layers of CSM but the job is so boring I may have mis-remembered.


The mould for the planing surface.

The mould for the planing surface was made from a plywood frame with a hardboard surface and was in a very sorry state. After several attempts at restoring it I decided to make it good enough to get one part out of it and make a new mould from that.

074456a094d63b73f15a88acce6a5b13The mould above has been filled with pounds of car body filler, painted and waxed.



The Outlaws


I decided that I had gone about as far as I could go with the Motocyclone and although I was somewhat sad to see it go, I had to move it on to someone else and build new one. I tried starting the new craft while I still had V2 but it really wasn’t a good idea. What I had done however was form a plan.

The plan.

First of all I wanted a new, light hull. Weight is very important in hovercrafting and V2 had become too heavy. I was unsure which hull too choose but “cheap” was important and “interesting” was important too.


The search was on.

A few years ago I spotted a craft I hadn’t see before. It was a twin fan design in turquoise and was called “The Texan Outlaw”

I rather liked the look of that and after some chatting I found the Geoff Sweetman was instrumental in its design and build. At the time I wasn’t on the lookout for a new craft but now I was. It turned out that Geoff had the moulds and was looking to sell so I set off down to Kent in August 2008 with a borrowed trailer, some cash and a slice of optimism.


What you can see in the picture above is my old friend Jake getting the bits off the trailer. What I actually got was a two-sided wooden mould and a GRP plug that had originally been taken from the mould and had then been modified to have a centre console. You can see the hull side of the mould is hanging down but that won’t be used again so it doesn’t matter. The top side is the planing surface mould and the plug is resting in it.


The first step was to be the refurbishment of the moulds and the start of the Outlaw dynasty.