Further forward. Model 3 reassembly.

150823-IMG_20150823_204254173I gave the key tops a quick ride in the dish washer and they had come out clean and splendid. So now, get everything back together.

Power up time.

The first go… 150823-IMG_20150823_204149751

Take two.

Jiggle the cables a bit…

150824-IMG_20150824_195819351Tada! Ta bloody da!

I’m feeling a bit pleased with myself, but I’m not quite done.

Two of the CRT pillars are a little shaky and will need some attention. Also, three of the plastic clips that help to hold the case closed were smashed. The good news is that a friend of mine at work has 3d printed me some new ones!. The bad news is that the remains of the old ones are very well attached and so I’ll need to strip out the bezel again to be sure of getting them out without risking the tube coming down on me and to repair the pillars.

We’re very close though.

Look how shiny it is.150823-IMG_20150823_204313296

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