On with the repairs.

The base.

In the previous post I fixed up the bezel and primed the base.

150821-IMG_20150821_165446717Well now the base has had its top coat. The closest paint I could find at Halfords was Vauxhall Platinum silver. It’s not an exact match but it is very close so I’m going with that.

The top of the case.

The top of the case had been a bit battered. There was a crack running down one of the back corners and plenty of dings and dents.

150822-IMG_20150822_141046239_HDRHere it is having been glued, filled and sprayed with white primer.

Now for the silver.


Putting the bezel back.

150822-IMG_20150822_174325213Here we have the bezel back in place and next to go in is the tube.

This is a bit worrying because the pillars don’t seem to be as secure as I’d like. there is a bit of “give” in them. Even though the glue has had several days to cure. I’ve put the tube back and left the case the right way up but with some padding beneath the tube.


I’ll take a look in the morning and see if it’s given way.

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