Retrochallenge – A bit of a plan.

In my first post of this season’s Retrochallenge I did a bit of experimenting around memory-mapped screen access on the Sharp MZ-700. I’ve decided to try and come up with something a bit like “Atic Atac” a splendid top-view runing about game for the spectrum.

The Sharp doesn’t have dot-addressable graphics like the Spectrum so everything is character based. So it’s going to be different but we’re working with the tools we have.

So far I have written some code to draw rooms using tiles and so far, I’ve got one room…

Screenshot from 2015-07-12 16:17:00Now I’ve got code to draw rooms and a pallet of tiles, I can build a dungeon.

Welcome to…

Cellar Scramble

Mwaa Ha Harrr.

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