BBC Micro. Fix first bit.

As I said in my previous post, the BBC micro was showing some signs of life but wasn’t booting. I sent off for capacitors for the PSU and they arrived. In with the screwdrivers.

IMG_20150310_192638665[1]Just three screws from the back and the PSU is on the bench. The unit itself is a little trickier to take apart but not difficult.

Be aware there can be high voltages on the board even when it’s out of the computer and disconnected from the mains.

The easiest way is to pop out the switch and external power connectors first. A flat bladed screwdriver will let you press the springy plastic lugs down and then they push out. Look out for the two green earth leads bolted inside.

Then the unit is out.IMG_20150310_193434344[1]

I think two of the caps had already been changed which just left the electrolytic at C9 (IIRC). This looked bad and was bulging so out it came.

I reassembled the machine but to be honest I wasn’t expecting a change as I think the fault is caused by the keyboard cable and not the PSU. Changing the cap was a safety measure. Hopefully the cable will arrive in the next day or two.