In the beginning


It was 1998 when I decided to build a hovercraft. I’d joined the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain (HCGB) and been along to a few meeting and met a few people. After a while I started to notice the differences between craft and formed an opinion of what I was after. I spotted an advert in Light Hovercraft, the HCGB’s magazine for an old hover. It didn’t have an engine but it did have a duct, steering, a skirt and engine frame. At this point I didn’t have a tow bar or trailer so a quick phone call to Dad to see if he was up for a trip to Maidstone in Kent for the day.

When we got there the craft was just as I’d expected so a quick look round and money changed hands. At this point I was told it had been used as a corporate craft, giving rides and training people to drive a hovercraft for fun. It was a Moto-Cyclone, around ten years old, originally powered by a Rotax 447,  had a duel bench seat, side bar steering and a 750mm duct.

From these beginnings I’ve had a great amount of fun. So much so that. I built this craft up from the hull twice, hence the version 1 and version 2 labels I given these pages.