I’ve just picked up a PDP-11

This is a bit strange isn’t it?

I haven’t used any DEC kit for nearly 20 years and here I am sitting a few feet away from my latest addition, a mid ’80’s DEC PDP-11/53 (Pictures to follow).

There was a bit of confusion as to what model it really was. It was an 11/23 for a while. Then an 11/73, 11/83 but now I’ve been through the boards one by one I’m pretty sure it’s an 11/53.

It’s not in the original rack or more properly the original rack has been boxed in to another rack. I was given another rack by the previous owner though on my way out which seems very generous.

I’m now trying to learn about PDPs and how to find boot images for the 5.25″ floppy disks, no hard drive yet.

I’ll give it a proper entry in the main part of the site when I can.