What about disk drives? Fingers crossed. Switch on.

Having read through a few hastily translated bits of the technical reference manual I felt that I knew enough to try and get the floppy drives connected. I wasn’t given an original cable but looking around the back of the card cage and at the drives themselves it looked likely that they needed a 25 Way cable (the manual didn’t say).

9a791ae12125cd64d6d05ccf2225dd3aPowering up the
drives without the cable seemed OK though they did sit spinning. 5 1/4 drives don’t
start until they are needed (usually) but I don’t know what 8 inch drives generally

Switched everything off. Plugged in a cable. Disks on. Main unit

Drive light comes on for a bit and then goes off. Whoopee.

This is repeatable 🙂 I have since tried a floopy in the drive and get
the same behaviour. I can’t get it to boot but I’m delighted to have got it this