Refurbishing the moulds

Making a new top mould.

85ffe21bfadbd70eecb52846a680a80aFirst, I built a frame to hold the plug. Waxed it well and put on two coats of gelcoat in a colour I was unlikely to use for a hull (this makes things easier later)

9919be69f430d92dcdb01d17403cbe98Next the matting goes on. If I remember correctly 6 layers of CSM but the job is so boring I may have mis-remembered.


The mould for the planing surface.

The mould for the planing surface was made from a plywood frame with a hardboard surface and was in a very sorry state. After several attempts at restoring it I decided to make it good enough to get one part out of it and make a new mould from that.

074456a094d63b73f15a88acce6a5b13The mould above has been filled with pounds of car body filler, painted and waxed.