Consolidated Computer Inc. PDP-8 Clone – Part 11. The first reassembly.

So as you will know, I have serviced and cleaned the various power supplies and PCBs that make up the PDP-8 clone.

It’s time to get it back together for the first time. I expect to strip the machine down again before too long when I’ve decided how I want to treat the rusty 19″ rack.

First of all, I cleaned out the card cage and vacuum cleaned the inside of the rack. I refitted the three power supplies and the fan tray and turned on the mains.

No smoke or fireworks and the fans came on and span quietly. Result.

The three power supplies after refitting in the rack. Note the power lights are on.

Next, I fitted the regulator boards in the right hand side of the cage as we are looking at it and powered on again.

Still no smoke.

The card cage after its scrub up.I have made no attempt to remove any rust yet. Just removed the dirt and grime.

Finally, I refitted the rest of the boards and turned on again.

Still no smoke.

I was hoping to see some activity on the front panel but there was very little. The LED that indicated the “Fetch” cycle was lit but that was about it. The buttons had no effect and the 7 segment LED displays didn’t light.

The front panel showing the illuminated “Fetch” LED

I am going to have to start to understand how PDP-8s work now to find out why mine does not.

Wish me luck.

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