Consolidated Computer Inc. PDP-8 Clone – Part 10. the fan tray.

The CCI has a lot of cards in it’s card cage and the power supplies are massive and so, there is going to be heat. To get the heat out of the way there is a large fan tray mounted just beneath the card cage.

Bottom view of the fan tray.

It runs from the front of the machine all the way to the back and draws cool air from the bottom of the rack and forces it up through the cards an out.

As with everything in this machine it was very dusty and needed a good clean but that’s all it needed. After 20 minutes with some foam cleaner, a brush and a cloth it was looking pretty good.

There is some corrosion on the blades but nothing to worry about.

Top view of the fan tray.

I fitted a modern UK plug and fired it up.

Tadaa. It works beautifully. It’s quite (for an 80watt fan tray) and the fans run smoothly.

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