Engine and fan frames

d6b6df4d18a828b64846c3aa3e62913cOne of my overriding design ideas for Version 2 was that the duct should be clear of obstructions and that the engine was to be as low as possible and out of the way. To achieve this I decided to put it down in the corner of the craft. In order to get it to fit and too make use of standard length drive belts that didn’t give me much height and so the engine frame couldn’t be the usual chunky steel affair.

a8b0c0b3ff33d3cd133b75bb52a1e901Because of this and also because I fancied having a go at it I made the engine frame out of carbon fibre. As you will see, I didn’t think to take a photo (despite it being a thing of beauty), but I did take one of the mould I made it in.9434348ec2baec326d616fb42f536b1e