The hull

The Hull

Firstly an apology. For some reason I didn’t take nearly enough photos of this… Sorry.

In most cases, when you fit a lift duct to a craft that didn’t have one, you cut a large hole in the front deck and fix in a glassfibre duct.

The Moto cyclone doesn’t really have a front deck to speak of so that’s not an option. You can see from the pictures of Random V1 that there was a black fly screen at the front. This was fixed to raised lip that runs all around the cockpit. The new duct is a large moulding that fits over this lip and about a third of the length of the craft.

The inside wall of the cockpit was removed as was the buoyancy up to about half way down the plenum. The new duct was fitted and because I needed the buoyancy and didn’t need a very wide cockpit, a large chuck of the foam was glassed in on each side of the cockpit.

At the back a 900mm duct was fitted in place of the 750mm. This tme there was no need for a splitter plate. The flow straigteners are standard this time and were bought from K&M products as was the duct.

A centre console was needed. The old one wasn’t long enough as there was going to be a prop shaft running the length of the craft and it’s not a good idea to crouch down over an un-guarded prop shaft that’ rotating at 3,500 RPM. A new console was built. This was made from GRP layed up on to a foam plug which was then removed. It wasn’t pretty but it was functional. Other guards were built from steel and aluminium to cover other exposeded bits. More on that later.